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Welcome Ernest Health & Vibra Healthcare to University Park

by Dan Keyser, Senior Vice President
March 29, 2021

Grupe Huber has been extremely fortunate in that over the past year our business has not slowed down. We’ve continued to partner with new tenants, start new developments, and are always looking for new opportunities. We are very excited to announce that earlier this year construction commenced on a brand-new medical facility at our master plan community, University Park.

San Joaquin County’s first medical rehabilitation hospital is planned to open its doors at University Park in the Spring of 2022. The 63,000 square foot, two-story, 50-bed medical rehabilitation hospital will be an Ernest Health Hospital, managed by Vibra Healthcare. This will be a specialty hospital that focuses on treating people who are recovering from debilitating injuries, illnesses, surgeries, and chronic medical conditions. When completed, this hospital will be able to bring up to 150 jobs to Stockton and extremely necessary services to the community as it is the first of its kind in the county. 

As many will tell you, the atmosphere of a facility can play a huge role in the healing process. Typically, hospital environments tend to be very stale, have lots of concrete, and do not feel like a place of warmth, comfort, or peace. When talking to Jennifer Selikoff, Chief Development Officer at Vibra Healthcare & Ernest Health, about why they chose to partner with Grupe Huber and build at University Park, she mentioned that all you have to do is walk out onto the University Park campus to understand why. Jennifer noted that “being able to build a rehab hospital on the beautiful lake, next to the rose garden, and with tenants like Welbe Health right next door, it’s kind of the ideal campus setting for us.” 

When creating a master plan community, like University Park, developers have to come up with a vision for all the different uses that they want to see happen over the years. At University Park, we have adapted our plan to be one that provides a continuum of care. Our focus on healthcare has put us in a unique position to strategically partner with tenants that will serve our community and not be in competition with one another. We have relationships with tenants that go 30+ years because we truly feel that their success is our success, and so we foster environments and projects for them to be successful in. We are excited that with the addition of the Stockton Region Rehabilitation Hospital, we will be adding on to the continuum of care that is provided to the residents of our community and located at University Park. 

Jennifer explained to us that rehab patients stay an average of anywhere from 12-14 days and that when a patient is in a hospital for more than a day or two, and are encouraged to get up and move – their environment is incredibly important. She shared with us that “the University Park campus provides an opportunity for an outdoor therapy courtyard and we’ll be able to take advantage of the walking trails, providing space for our patients, their loved ones that come to visit, and our staff. You couldn’t ask for a better location.”





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