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Our New Brand: Two Names, One Company, And a Family You Can Trust

September 29, 2020
By Kevin Huber, President & CEO

Over the past few months, you’ve been introduced to the Grupe Huber Company, formerly known as Grupe Commercial Company. Neither of these two names are new to you — and that’s the point. Over the years, both the Grupe and Huber families have built strong relationships in the Central Valley and beyond. We’re native Californians, and our work with the land and the people who live here means something to us. We created Grupe Huber Company so we could continue to build upon that foundation and develop a legacy that will carry all of us into a bright future.

The projects Grupe Huber takes on are designed to strengthen our communities, enrich the lives of our employees, and return healthy profits to our shareholders and investors. We are continuing to develop commercial projects, expanding upon our existing 1.5 million square feet of office, retail and storage projects. In addition, with the experience of our leadership team, we are adding new residential opportunities to our portfolio — but we’re not going to build just for the sake of building. There’s a real meaning and purpose behind everything our company tackles.

A little more than a year ago, we sat down and really began to think through the core values of this new company. These reflect who we are as a business, but they’re much more than that. They reflect who we are as people, too.

Integrity. We will always strive to do what’s right, even when it’s not easy. That means no cutting corners, no sacrificing quality for quantity, and nothing built solely for profit.

Invested. We promise that we will use our financial strength and experience to create a better world. Our projects will benefit our loved ones, our employees, our tenants, and our communities.

Resourceful. Where other people see problems, we see opportunities. In an upcoming University Park newsletter, you’ll read about how the lake at University Park came to be. That was a logistical problem that became a source of pride and beauty. It’s a small example sampled from many years of work, but it speaks to how we approach and solve challenges.

Quality. If you know us, you know that we don’t do anything by half. We have a proven track record of execution and success, and we create projects that are built to last.

Service. We will leave this world better than we found it. That starts with treating our tenants and customers with respect and always overdelivering on their expectations.

These five core values may sound simple, but they give us a blueprint for our projects and for our future. Every single thing we do is designed to fit within these values, from the way we communicate with you in our newsletter to the way we work with municipalities on new design plans to the way we show appreciation to our tenants. What you see is what you get with Grupe Huber. We’ll always be genuine and transparent with you.

Our new company has a new home, too, and that home is a reflection of what we do. It’s in the Spruce Building at University Park, a 1929 structure that Sandy and our team of partners restored with a lot of care and attention. We could have put up a new building so we could start fresh — but that wouldn’t have been us. Spruce has great bones, great history, and a new mission and purpose. It will be solid for generations to come. You could say that it’s the perfect metaphor for Grupe Huber.

Our company name may be new, but we’re still the same people you’ve worked with for years. Grupe Huber is two names you know, one company, and a family you can trust.





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