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Grand Opening of Modesto Self-Storage (StorQuest)

September 27, 2020

Modesto’s Newest Storage Facility Is a Classic: Grupe Huber Revamps Mid-Century Building Into State-of-the-Art Storage Facility

Grupe Huber’s newest project might cause longtime Modesto residents to do a double take. The new StorQuest storage facility at 1324 Coldwell Avenue is a revamp of an existing 1954 building, allowing for a unique mix of solidly constructed mid-century architecture with state-of-the-art climate control, security, and energy efficiency. 

“The historic building features poured-in-place concrete with brick shear, large concrete columns, and very solid trusses,” said Grupe Huber  Vice President Fritz Huber. “It is very unique, well-built, and beautiful on the inside, and we wanted to leverage that.”

The $6 million rehab in a downtown location close to Modesto Junior College was welcomed by the City of Modesto, as well. 

“Grupe Huber had a great team on board from the beginning of the project,” said Oscar Diaz, the City of Modesto’s chief building official for building safety and neighborhood preservation. “The City of Modesto strives to provide as much guidance as possible, but having an experienced designer is critical to the success of a development project. While the building was not officially a registered landmark, the City always appreciates the innovative reuse of old, classic buildings. It had been under-used for many years, so we are glad to see that the building will once again be occupied.”

Besides being well-built, the existing structure offered other benefits: The size of the building allowed for larger-than-usual individual storage units — 113 square feet compared to the average 80-95 square feet. 

The facility will be operated by StorQuest Self-Storage and carry the national chain’s name. It offers an array of high-tech features, including: 

  • 100% climate-controlled facility
  • An average unit size of 113 square feet — up to 29 percent larger than a typical unit
  • Camera-monitored covered RV and boat parking stalls
  • Solar trickle chargers for RV and boat units to ensure long battery life
  • Individually alarmed units
  • Heavy digital security throughout the facility with no blackout areas
  • 24-hour remotely monitored security system
  • Solar-powered system for net zero efficiency throughout the facility

“The Central Valley has been largely underserved when it comes to new self-storage development, and we wanted to create something beneficial and unique for Modesto and the surrounding communities,” said Grupe Huber  Vice President Fritz Huber. “The existing building was exceptionally well-constructed and gave us a chance to create a unit mix that is right for this market while offering rates on par with non-climatized facilities.” 

Modernizing the building for net zero efficiency was an important step, Huber said, given the facility’s climate-control capabilities. Even when temperatures skyrocket into the 100+ range, the temperature at Modesto’s new StorQuest units will never exceed 80 degrees. Plus, steady solar power means RV and boat users can keep their batteries charged and ready for anytime use via trickle charge outlets supplied at no extra cost to the tenants. 

The facility opened on August 17, 2020. Ready to rent a climate-controlled unit? Rates range from $76-$215 per month. For more information, click here